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Cecoclean PowerAsh 5084 Ash Hoover 20 L 1200W Black Green

by Cecotec

To combat the most stubborn dirt, get yourself the powerful and effective Cecoclean PowerAsh 5084 Ash Hoover. 

  • Ergonomic System: compact, light, manageable and easy to use
  • Powerful internal suction system: complete, simple and efficient cleaning 
  • Extreme Suction (sucks up even the smallest dirt: ash, remains from barbecues, soil, broken glass, gravel, leaves, sawdust, wood splinters, etc.) 
  • Maximum power and resistance 
  • Metallic tank (capacity: 20 L)
  • Reinforced aluminium suction tube (XXL mouth of 31 mm)
  • Perfect 3 phase filtering: standard material filter, filter capable of trapping the smallest particles, and mesh filter for metals
  • Removeable filters that can be cleaned easily
  • Silence Tech: sound level less than 75 dB
  • Power: 1200 W
  • Functioning radius allowed by the cable: 7 m
  • HEPA Filter (captures 99% of allergens, pollen, and dust particles)
  • Diameter x approx. height: 28 x 48 cm